Global Warming - Myth or Reality?

The Erring Ways of Climatology

Marcel Leroux

Global Warming - Myth or Reality?To date, definitive answers to questions about ultimate causes and effects of global warming remain elusive. In Global Warming Myth or Reality?, Marcel Leroux seeks to separate fact from fiction and lays out the scientific case of the sizable sceptical scientific community that challenges the accepted wisdom.

The book begins with a review of the dire predictions for climate trends, followed by a discussion of the main conclusions of the three reports issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It then reviews the predictions made at the time about global temperatures, rainfall, weather and climate, whilst highlighting the mounting confusion and sensationalism of reports in the media.

Leroux takes a hard and dispassionate look at the reality of the greenhouse effect, the evidence from climate models, and the limitations of those models. He then postulates alternative causes of climate change and analyses the trends for global temperatures, rainfall patterns, dynamics of weather and sea level. He argues that the case for global warming is based on climatology which, with its insufficiencies in the understanding and explanation of weather phenomena, does not support this prediction. Leroux draws attention to a number of priorities that climatologists could consider in order to understand the processes of climate change, integrate them into deterministic climate models, and predict accurately changes of climate in the near future. The most urgent priority for climatology, the author believes, is to leave the IPCC in order that the discipline remains neutral and returns to the pursuit of its proper ends.

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Extent: 536 pages
Binding: Hardback
Publication Date: May 2005
ISBN: 978-3-540-23909-3

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